The Virtual Showroom & Tablescape Designer

The Virtual Showroom

In the Virtual Showroom, you have the freedom to view fabrics in a life-like setting, giving you a better idea of your event setup.  

Start Designing

Built with you in mind:

It’s completely un-branded, so you’re free to use it with your clients without any of our information on it. Use this link however you see fit: Share it with your clients, add it to your website, or simply bookmark it for future use. 

The Tablescape Designer

Immediately view product as a round, square, rectangle, runner or napkin and pair with your favorite props.

Step 1:

Select a Vision Board

Utilize our pre-set vision boards or add items from the catalog to customize a design.

Step 2:

View in 3D

This is where the magic happens! Click View in 3D to see your selected design in a virtual space. Spaces without anything added yet are ready for you to drag and drop products from a pre-set vision board.

Step 3:

Personalize your design

Use the Design tools to change fabric, color, sizes and props. You can add new items by simply returning to the Vision Board.

Step 4:

Export and Share

Export your designs as a multi-page .pdf (with images!) or simply copy design details as a list. Note: Any items not carried in A1’s inventory are props used for visualization purposes only. We don’t endorse a specific place to get these items.

Start Designing