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Our Big Announcement

A-1 Tablecloth is thrilled to announce the acquisition of R & F Fabrics! R & F Fabrics is a fabric supplier serving the special event industry, offering middle to high end and custom designed fabrics for over 15 years.

This new and exciting addition will enhance our offerings to you as follows:

  • It will expand A-1’s fabric selections to its customer base.
  • We will be able to develop custom fabrics to your needs.
  • R & F’s customers will now have the opportunity to purchase finished tablecloths and related products.
  • Faster turnaround from specialty fabric to finished cloth.
  • Savings on fabrics such as Chopin, Beethoven, Kaleidoscope and Metallic Scroll (15%)!

With A-1 Tablecloth’s reputation as one of the most reliable specialty linen suppliers and R & F’s cutting edge textile development and styling, this collaboration enables us to give you the most extensive line of fabric and tablecloth options ever offered under one roof.

Brickhouse - Ivory
Lexus Yellow
Brickhouse - Platinum
Brickhouse - Blush
Cool Cirque - Black
Brickhouse - Orange
Sequin Separation - Blush
Chevron Sequin - Champagne
Liz Linen - Green